About us

Sociedad Intercultural, S.C. was established in Mexico City in 1996 to promote cross-cultural communication. Today, our principal activity is teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We have a very good record with multinational companies. The fact that most Japanese companies in Mexico City receive Spanish courses with us merits special mention.

 Foundation July, 1996

 Activities  Language classes
          Training of Spanish teachers
         Spanish Proficiency Test administration
        (Supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and
         Technology of Japan)
          Translation and interpretation (Spanish-Japanese)
          Participation in Japan Language Oratory Contests
          Cultural activities in general

 Member of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mexico
 Organization associated with Casa de España, Japan


 Honorary Chairman  Yasuo Okuma T.
                (Former Chairman of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and
                Industry in Mexico) 
 General manager     Akihisa Hirose T.
 General coordinator  Masahiro Tamura
 Teaching director    Maria Elena Salgado


  Mexico City School

  Cádiz No.95, Col. Insurgentes Mixcoac
  Del. Benito Juárez C.P.03920 Ciudad de México, México
  TEL: (55) 5598-2520
  FAX: (55) 5611-5665

Cuernavaca School

Los Pinos No.110
Col. Santa María Ahuacatitlán
C.P. 62100 Cuernavaca, Morelos
TEL: (777) 323-7293


E-mail: hirose@soc-intercultural.com.mx